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Fifth year in business for this Virtual Assistant business based in Melbourne Australia
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Yes, it’s our biz-birthday today and this Virtual Assistant office turns FIVE! Where has that time gone? During the past five years I’ve been so fortunate to meet some amazing people. We have many loyal clients, some who have been with us for quite some time and some who have only just joined us. Either, seem more than happy to continue to refer – thank you!

So what’s planned for the next five years? We perceive further growth as our network continues to grow, especially as we’re now servicing clients from not only Melbourne but rural Victoria, most capital cities of Australia and some from overseas. It seems our niche is assisting businesses to get exposed online and to join social media. Our Business Listing, Social Media Packages, e-books and services proving to be extremely popular together with our general virtual assistance support.

The continual exposure and growth has meant we’ve had to expand the team to ensure our clients are serviced in a timely manner. We have also brought in specialists in their areas to offer additional services and in the hope of being the one-stop-shop for our clients needing administration, business and social media support. The expanding Interim Business Solutions team include:

  • Jonathan Brillantes for design, web-design & high level HTML support
  • Chauntelle Rakebrant for design & transcription support
  • Sue Gross for transcription support
  • Lyn Barrigan for transcription support
  • Leanne Carroll for transcription support
  • Kylie Lane for general administration support
  • Marisa Gmehling for onsite office support … to ME!

The plan for the New Year is to have a social media support person join the team also. If you know of someone who may be interested, send them this way for a chat with us. So exciting days ahead!

In celebration of this milestone, we’re offering a FREE standard Welcome Tab for your Facebook Page to the first person to wish us a HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY at 11:00am EST (Australia) on our Page Wall. Not sure where to find us on Facebook? Join our terrific community below. We’d love to see you there!

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