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We’re thrilled to announce we’re proud supporters of, and signatory to the Australian Supplier Payment Code. This is a voluntary national code of fair payment from businesses to their small business suppliers. However, businesses of all sizes are encouraged to take part, including not-for-profits and government organisations who can also sign-up to the code.

The Code is administered by the Business Council of Australia and came into effect on the 1 July 2017. You can learn more about the initiative via the Business Council’s dedicated Australian Supplier Payment Code website. We encourage you to join us and become a signatory also.

At Interim Business Solutions, we are committed to the following and respect all suppliers’ payment terms by:

  • Paying supplier’s invoices by their stated due date, and
  • Paying our valuable subcontractors within 24-48 hours of receipt of their invoices.

If every business did their bit to ensure every business has a healthy cash flow, what a difference that would make to the health of all Australian businesses, large and small.

“When the entire business ecosystem thrives, the whole country thrives”

A copy of the Supplier Payment Code we abide by can be read below. We have also added this as a separate ‘Supplier Payment Code‘ page to our website so it’s easily accessible for new visitors to our website.

Effective: 9 July 2019

supplier payment code
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