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The first half of 2015 was really big for me. No, make that huge! And then the coldest winter in 26 years struck…

Under stress, and with this cold weather (anything under 25C is cold), I felt my health and well-being declining. At the same time, I’m watching a good friend (initially started as a client relationship) battle cancer and have tried to be there for her and her husband as much as possible. It’s tough to say the least.

With everything going on, I had to make what I thought was a difficult business decision. In reality, it came quite easily…

I need to scale back a little and let go of some things in my business life. Although I will continue to support my wonderful clients, I need some time for me, for my family, and for my friends. And after running my business for nearly 10 years, my body is warning me to ‘slow down’.

For the short term, I’m letting go of…

  • Blog posts for the rest of the year. I’m not a natural writer and these consume a lot of time, even when I outsource to my copywriter to polish them… I still need to think what to write.
  • Newsletters for the rest of the year. I decided this after sending my August newsletter which was really lame and honestly, embarrassing. I’ve been sending these since March 2010 and usually love putting these together. I struggled with the August newsletter – I’ve simply lost my mojo and feeling stale. I don’t want lame newsletters arriving in subscribers’ inboxes!
  • Hosting the monthly #Tweastie coffee mornings.

And I’m letting go of the following permanently…

  • The Social Media Guides. They have run their course and it’s too time consuming keeping them current with all of Facebook’s changes.
  • I’ve unsubscribed from a number of newsletters and updates to free up my inbox.
  • I’ve left numerous industry and business related LinkedIn/Facebook Groups where most of the time you see the same updates cross-posted.

The reasons for my business decisions…

  • Sadly, I have unwell friends and family and need to be there for them.
  • My parents are aging and I’d like to be able to do more for them too. Something you can’t outsource and time you’ll never get back!
  • So many 21st and 50th birthdays between now and Christmas to plan and celebrate.
  • An upcoming 2 week holiday which I really want to enjoy and be in the moment.
  • I have serious RSI in my ‘mouse’ shoulder and need to rest it when possible and exercise it to make it stronger.
  • Having a little more time to get back to some things that make my heart sing.

It’s time to really LIVE life again, stop staring at a computer screen, and in a nutshell, stop being a slave to content marketing.

I will get through the rest of the year, hopefully having the energy needed to enjoy the milestone events and care for those who need caring for. I will review the items on hold during January and decide if they are really that important to reboot for 2016.

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