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I’ve now been in business for almost 7 years. The 24 November will mark this milestone and I have always monitored where all leads come from. The statistics became increasingly interesting back in early 2009, soon after I joined social media. I then decided to blog about the astounding results early 2010.

Take a look at where the leads and conversions have come from to date. Twitter continues, even after 4 years, to plough well beyond all the others in delivering fabulous business opportunities.

Lead generation statistics
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Buffer
  • LinkedIn

I have to say, I will be extremely interested to see what the results are displaying over the next 6-12 months when I perceive a slowing in activity in the social media landscape. Platforms like Facebook aren’t overly encouraging at the moment with the combination of Edgerank, logarithm changes and buggy Page functions but the results are telling me, and have for some years now, that Twitter is where I should be investing my efforts!

Where do you believe you are getting your best results from? Where do you need to hang out more? Let us know by sharing in the comments below.


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