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I remember the good ol’ days when social media was new, exciting and highly addictive. Businesses, regardless of their size, were jumping on board and social media boomed.

Years on and many businesses are now finding it overly time consuming and losing their enthusiasm. It’s just another business chore. But some of us still love it!

It’s no secret that I am extremely Twitter savvy and it has truly helped my business grow more than any other medium. I still believe that once you’ve grasped the concept of Twitter, seen its marketing power and started connecting with like-minded people, you’ll reap the benefits too.

I want to ignite your excitement again by revealing my 5 proven methods to easily manage your daily tweets. 

1.   Leverage your blog posts

If you’re in business, have a website, and are on Twitter, you should be blogging. Blogging adds new and fresh content to your website and Google loves it.

Once your blog post is published, don’t just share it once. Use it and leverage it. The best idea is to create a batch of tweets from your posts and save them to be shared at a later time.

If you are active on Twitter, you will always attract new followers who haven’t seen your content.

2.   Gentle scheduling

Once you’ve created your tweets, put them to use:

  • Start gentle scheduling (Hootsuite or BufferApp can help)
  • Aim for 2-4 tweets per day, or more if you want to reach a global market (overnight)
  • Engage with your community to make yourself memorable

Never turn Twitter into a ‘broadcast media’ platform as people won’t follow you. Scheduling your tweets reminds your audience of who you are and what you offer. It also frees up your Twitter time to be social and build valuable relationships.

3.   Tools to use

There are so many tools designed to help you schedule your tweets.

Hootsuite and BufferApp offer free accounts and are my personal choice for tweeting.

If you want advanced analytics and reporting facilities, and/or have a few social media accounts, you may consider paying for tools such as Sprout Social, Sendible or SocialOomph.

4.   Allocate time to engage

If you’re blogging, generating awesome content, creating tweets and implementing gentle scheduling, it’s now time to:

  • Check your account daily and thank people who have ‘retweeted’ your content,
  • Answer questions people have asked you or even better;
  • Answer people who have enquired about your business!

Becoming memorable will encourage people to read your Bio and ultimately visit your website. Join scheduled Twitter chats, retweet others and follow relevant hashtags.

5.   Weekly housekeeping

Weekly (or at least fortnightly) housekeeping of your Twitter account is essential.

I have found ManageFlitter a great tool to manually remove stale accounts or the non-followers who I don’t really need to follow. It offers the advantages of:

  1. Keeping your connections manageable and relevant, and
  2. Increasing the numbers of followers compared to the number you follow to boost your Klout score.

If you’re still thinking that it all sounds too time consuming as you know deep down that to succeed, you really must engage and engage and engage, chat to me. I have a team of virtual assistants who can take care of everything – from writing blogs, to creating tweets, to scheduling your tweets.

Can you add to these tips? I’d love if you could share any tips that have helped you in your business. Please leave a comment below.

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