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When it comes to technology, five years is a long time. I wrote my first blog about business Apps back in May 2012, and geez, how things have changed since then.

Back then, I had an iPhone, my very first Apple product, so my blog was all about iPhone Apps for business. Since then, I’ve moved to an Android phone, so I decided it was time to update you on my favourite business Apps.

And some of the Apps I mentioned back in 2012 are still my favourites. Many business Apps can be found on both Google Play or via the App store so my blog is product neutral and I’m not pushing one product over another.

Here are my top 10 favourite FREE business Apps:


  1. ANZGoMoney®

If you’re not accessing your bank account on your phone, you’re missing it. It’s the quickest way to keep track of your money, pay bills and send money to others. All banks have an App, but my bank is the ANZ. You will need to have a customer registration number (CRN) to register.

You can learn more about the ANZGoMoney App via Google Play or the App store.


  1. Asana

Asana is a task-management App. When one of my main clients started using Asana, I added the App to my phone, so I can be notified of tasks, projects and conversations as soon as she posted them. My entire team now works with Asana, and it allows us to follow work through from start to finish.

You can learn more about the Asana App via Google Play or the App store.


  1. CapsuleCRM

The CRM I love is CapsuleCRM, and I’ve used it for many years now. As you know, I tend to love travelling (and coffee shops), so having this App on my phone allows me to access contacts, tasks, notes, opportunities, cases and more from wherever I am at the time.

You can learn more about the CapsuleCRM App via Google Play or the App store.


  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is the best and has transformed the way so many people do business in the online world. I have Dropbox on my phone, so I can easily share files with clients/team members when I’m out of the office. Using Dropbox means no one is ever waiting on someone else and files are always kept up to date.

You can learn more about the Dropbox App via Google Play or the App store.


  1. Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook pages manager is a fantastic App for admins of pages. You’d use this App in conjunction with the usual Facebook App. You’ll be notified of any comments and messages on your pages, and it also allows you to view the page insights.

You can learn more about the Facebook Pages Manager App via Google Play or the App store.


  1. Harvest

Harvest is a handy App that allows you to track time, log expenses and manage invoices. It’s an add-on to Xero, my accounting package, which makes it even better for me! I can apply payments to invoices, review debtors and log my expenses while I’m out and about.

You can learn more about the Harvest App via Google Play or the App store.


  1. Hootsuite

It’s no secret that I use Hootsuite for my social media dashboard. It’s the easiest way I can monitor and manage my social media accounts, especially my favourite, Twitter. The Hootsuite App is useful to use when I’m working out and about especially as I use lists and strategies.

You can learn more about the Hootsuite App via Google Play or the App store.


  1. Instagram

It took me a while to decide why a service based business would use Instagram, but 12 months ago I decided to embrace it. It’s all a part of being social, so I now share anything that interests me in the hope that people will connect with the person behind my business. And besides, showing my personality in pictures is a bit of fun. You can find me here www.instagram.com/kirstywilsonva

You can learn more about the Instagram App via Google Play or the App store.


  1. Twitter

As I mentioned before, I have the Hootsuite App for social media, but I still have the Twitter App installed on my phone. When sharing images to Twitter, I find the App works better. Following hashtags is also easier using the Twitter App.

You can learn more about the Twitter App via Google Play or the App store.


  1. Zenkit To Do

This easy-to-use task manager allows me to manage my personal life. It replaced Wunderlist which was my all time favourite for managing everything, until I moved business task management to Asana.

I have set up lists for each main element, and within each list are my tasks. These can be prioritised with a ‘star’, placing it at the top. You can allocate dates to the tasks so when you reach ‘today’, your day is organised with what you must do.

The App syncs with the Google Chrome App on my desktop. When I’m out and I think of something I need to do, I can add it as a task to the relevant list, add the date for it to be done, and when that day arrives, it will be there on my ‘today’ list of tasks. It’s so easy!

You can learn more about Zenkit To Do App via Google Play or the App store.


And there you have it. My top 10 favourite business Apps. Do you use any of these? I’d love to know your favourite Apps that you use for your business and/or social media marketing. Please share your favourites in the comments below.

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