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I must admit, I thoroughly enjoy working online. I’m not addicted because I do equally enjoy a ‘digital-detox’ but I do find it fulfilling to assist clients wherever possible and socialise within my online business networks. I never thought I would enjoy a career in business administration considering I’m a four year trained Primary School teacher but I do, and I have a real passion for it once more. However, with the technology that is now available, it has moved away from the onsite support to almost 100% virtual assistance.

Once I began assisting clients virtually and with their online social media networking, I knew it was a great way for them to get their business exposed with a far greater reach than traditional, expensive, local advertising could deliver. It had worked for me and my business!

It is true, social media can be time sapping if you don’t have a clear strategy and goals in place. Early on, I had more available time to invest networking using social media but that investment in time is now paying off. Consequently, I now have less time available and it’s more about nurturing the connections and the network.

So you are interested in online networking and exploring social media for your business but believe you just don’t have the time to invest to go it alone? This is when a virtual assistant can assist you, especially a VA who understands social media and who has used it successfully for their own business.

A Virtual Assistant can support you by…

  • Setting up and branding your accounts and profiles.
  • Reviewing and tweaking your already created accounts and profiles.
  • Researching and connecting with those in your target market.
  • Researching and adding you to relevant Groups on LinkedIn.
  • Creating ‘Lists’ for your accounts, so you can better manage your connections.
  • Picking through your articles and blogs for those “nuggets” and turning them into valuable tweets or Facebook posts, and
  • Scheduling your generic tweets a week in advance and in-and-around your usual tweeting time.

Head to our Social Media page if you’d like to learn more about our social media services and how we can assist you and your business.

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