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Almost every time I chat to clients, I discover new ways to help them save valuable time in their business.

It often begins with a story.

Throughout the year, I’d like to share these stories of clever marketing my clients are now using (and how we’re helping them to maximise the results).

Transcription multiplies marketing results

Marcus Seeger from Video Experts hosts a weekly Q&A session using Google Hangouts. Live Q&As are a fantastic way to introduce your business to new audiences in a positive and helpful way.

Marcus records the Hangout and posts the video to YouTube. Then we transcribe the video to text. Next, we turn the text into a blog post with his YouTube video embedded. His regular readers obtain immediate access to the blog, but to increase his reach, we write and schedule social media updates to share it across the platforms.

So one live Q&A session turns into marketing events across four channels,with little effort from Marcus.

“Thanks Kirsty, I’m very excited at this endnow to think of another activity for you to so cleverly take care of!”
– Marcus Seeger, Video Experts.

There are so many ways!

Transcription can help you turn any audio into text that can be used to get more marketing mileage. For example: Do you put off writing blog posts because you don’t like writing? Why not record yourself talking it out and get the audio transcribed? From there, you can edit the text, and you’ve got a post ready to publish!

If you’d like to chat about how transcription can help you multiply your marketing results, contact us today!

P.S. If you’d like to learn of more clever ways a VA can help, check out 60 Ways a VA (and Team) Can Support You and Your Business.


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