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Are you looking to stimulate online growth and engagement? You should be!

In an ever-changing online environment, it’s hard to keep up with all the latest trends…Luckily for you, I’m onto it.

One of the hottest digital marketing trends these days is what is known as visual content marketing. More and more people are now using social media sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to take their content marketing campaigns to the next level.

So how does it work?

Visual content helps to grab your audiences’ attention as the human brain can actually process visual content faster than blocks of text.

On their own, text and graphics my not be perfect to communicate your message, but by combining these two forms of communication, you’re sure to capture not just the attention, but the imagination of your targeted audience.

And if used correctly, you can go viral!

Make sure your visual content is branded with your logos, social media or website information to create loads of inbound links when people click on your image. If people like your image or content, they will share it within their own networks, instantly boosting your profile.

It’s more than a fad…

Being heavily involved in social media circles, I can assure you that visual content marketing has gone past being a fad to being a powerful online marketing tool. It’s a highly engaging way of reaching out to your targeted audience.

You should try it for yourself with one of our packages:

Option 1 – Branded template: $45+ GST per template

  • Branded template image using brand colours & logo (supplied by client).
  • Client responsible for adding text.

Option 2 – Branded template plus copy: $80+ GST (5 pack)

  • As per Option 1 with copy or quote included.
  • Copy supplied by client, or sourced from client’s website or blog.

Option 3 – Generic backgrounds: $70+ GST (5 pack)

  • A pack of generic background images with space for client to add text.

Option 4 – Option 2 and 3: $140+ GST (10 pack)

  • A pack of 10 images (5 branded & 5 generic images).

NB: Prices include 2 revisions and pricing subject to change.

Here’s a sample we’ve done for our business to give you a taste of what can be produced for you. Click on the graphic to see it in action on Instagram:

If you’re ready to ‘play with the future’ of online content marketing, contact us today for more information on how we’ll give your business the latest wow factor.

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