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Many business owners acknowledge the value and power of social media but they are also aware of the time it can take out of your day to maintain that presence. Over the years we have often heard, ‘I’m struggling to keep up with the activity and all the changes to the platforms – I need help!’ This is where we step in with our tailored social media support.

Many of our clients fully embrace social media after we set up their accounts. It’s been terrific to see this. They join, initially having no idea what a hashtag is or a RT but after a Skype training session, the light-bulb flashes on and they’re set on their way, to the power of extending that reach further than local that social media offers.

Because we are aware of our client’s needs, our business support services continue to evolve to ensure we are offering the support our clients require. There’s been a demand for social media support for a number of years now. The sort of support we encourage our client’s to engage us for, is to assist with creating tweets from “nuggets” found within their blog posts or articles and then scheduling a handful each day. These “nuggets” allow our clients to be seen as leaders in their industry offering their audience valuable information but it also frees them up to engage on their chosen social media platforms. After all, it is ‘social’ media and the key to relationship marketing and conversions, is building relationships!


Social media support examples we offer business bloggers


  • Write tweets from 1 x blog post each fortnight (usually 5-10).
  • Add to the bank on approval.
  • Schedule 3 tweets per day, and
  • Rework one tweet per day to form a scheduled Facebook page, LinkedIn and Google+ post.


  • Write tweets from ad-hoc blog posts (usually 5-10).
  • Add to the bank (without client approval – they trust what we do!).
  • Schedule 5 tweets per day from Mon-Fri, and
  • Rework one tweet per day to form a scheduled LinkedIn and Facebook Profile & Page post.


  • Write tweets from 1 x blog post each week (usually 5-10).
  • Add to the bank on approval.
  • Schedule 4 tweets per day.
  • Rework one tweet per day to form a scheduled LinkedIn and Facebook Page post.
  • 2 RTs per day of relevant industry tweets, and
  • Weekly Housekeeping (e.g. un-follow non-followers, stale accounts, etc).

As you can see the support is customised to what the client feels they need and what suits their budget.

Note: When we refer to the ‘bank’ this is simply a place to store all the created tweets of which can be recycled and repurposed in the future. These can be saved in whichever format the client prefers but we generally suggest a Google Spreadsheet where collaboration can take place with ease.


What clients say about our social media support services

“Interim Business Solutions came into my business life when I was struggling to find the time to keep up with the demands of social media. Kirsty Wilson suggested I try their “tweet writing from blog posts” service which I did. I haven’t looked back since. Now my blog posts are sent out into the social media world for me each week, leaving me to concentrate on my clients and business. This is such a great time-saver for me. Most of all, I appreciate Kirsty’s attention to detail and one-on-one care. Kirsty is a gem, and I’m so glad that I found her business.” – Louise McLoughlin, e-BAS Accounts

“I’ve been working with Kirsty for a good few years now, and one of the really helpful tasks she helps me with is creating Tweets based on my blog posts. It’s a seamless way to get someone to help you to create more content that you can do more with…based on one piece of content. The tweets are written bearing in mind the use of good hashtags and “clickable” 140 characters. I also get Kirsty to now help me with the scheduling of these tweets – which has been a massive help. It has definitely increased the traffic to my blog posts and relieved me of a job I don’t like doing and don’t end up doing as a result (which is not good!).” – Shelley Rostlund, Social Intelligence


If you’re actively blogging for your business, the social media support we offer could be perfect to allow you to leverage your content further. It will also give you back more time to focus on building relationships in the virtual space.

Contact us to learn more about creating tweets/posts from those nuggets found within your blog posts. You’d be amazed to know there are always more than just the headline tweet!

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