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No I haven’t gone mad or changed what I love doing in my business, but I have inherited a new toy. It’s big, it’s black, it’s shiny and it’s totally makes my fingers ache…I love it.

Could you imagine outsourcing your typing to a Virtual Assistant (or being a Virtual Assistant) when typewriters were the latest technology?

  • No emailing the document – you’d have to use traditional snail mail to post your hand written notes to be typed up and mailed back to you.
  • No spell check! Imagine picking up a mistake once you’d typed a whole page…
  • No soft touch buttons like the current keyboards we use, but the need to ‘thump’ each key to make an impression on the paper.
  • Manually starting a sentence on a new line by moving the paper down rather than the simply pressing the enter button or having auto-flow.
  • Needing to stop to change a ribbon, or having the ribbon pop off mid-typing and ending up with ink all over your hands.

Times have certainly changed. Have you ever seen images of women in ‘typing pools’? They all sat around these big typewriters, busily typing up all the documents for the entire office building. Can you imagine sitting in a room all day where all you’d hear was the heavy clicks of the typewriter buttons? Imagine telling these woman that one day, this work will be outsourced and they could work from home!

So although I do love the look of my old-fashioned typewriter, I am thankful that I have a computer. I’m sure all Virtual Assistants will agree with me here!

If you have an old-fashioned typewriter, I’d love for you to share a picture.

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