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Social Media Setup Guide - Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
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Our ‘Social Media Set-up Guide’ and ‘Social Media Support Guide’ have proven to be extremely popular over the years. We initially developed these back in 2009, when after setting up our client’s social media accounts, they then required support. After a number of emails with ‘How do I do…?’ and ‘Where can I find…?’ I realised a support guide would be beneficial for both my client and myself! And so these guides were created and are now included in all social media set-up packages and available to purchase from our website.

The Social Media Set-up Guide was also printed by Business Victoria to include in the show bag of goodies at the ‘Small Business Big Marketing’ festival back in August 2011. Business Victoria printed 2,000 of which were quickly snapped up and I have since had many inquiries for more hard copies but explain they were printed by Business Victoria for the festival only. Maybe they ought to consider a reprint for the forthcoming festival during August 2013!

As you can appreciate, these social media guides are a constant work in progress to keep up with the changing landscape that social media and technology brings to each platform. Keeping up with the constant changes of Facebook alone keeps me busy! Of course, since creating these guides when Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn were the big three, new comers have appeared and proving to be big players. These include Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus. Adding these social media platforms to the guides now must be considered.

What you will find in the Social Media Set-up Guide:

  • Step by step instructions how to set up and optimise your Twitter Account, Facebook Page and LinkedIn account
  • Ideas of what to post
  • Suggestions how to manage your accounts including Twitter housekeeping
  • Tips how to network and find your target audience, and
  • The Support Guide is included within the Set-up Guide.

The main purpose of the Social Media Set-up and Social Media Support Guides is to assist the time poor business owner to set up and get a grip of social media without having to do the research. It’s all here!

Note, these are no longer available.

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