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Everyone who has ever had any experience in running a business knows what solutions every entrepreneurship need to have, but what about those who haven’t? What about new possibilities, technology trends and solutions?

Today, keeping up with technology trends is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful business. Below are the tech solutions that are bringing the greatest results in different areas.

1. Business web and mobile apps

Recently announced Apple and IBM’s partnership shows that businesses demand more enterprise apps, cross-collaboration platforms and networks (they rely and depend on those tools in various ways) and businesses are turning to mobiles and tablets.

Flickr’s co-founder business app Slack attracted many high-profile companies such as HBO, eBAY, ESPN, Wall Street Journal, Yelp Inc., and more. The well-known project management software, Basecamp, still ranks high due to its simplicity and practicality. Asana, web-based service, focused on solving productivity problems by decreasing email workflow, has support from Pinterest, Dropbox and Virginia Tech. Then, there is Yammer, Podio, Chatter, Cluster, and many more.

Collaboration and communication among employees increase productivity. Time management brings more control and better organization. Quick access to information and data reflects on business’ efficiency and workflow. Every business wants and needs more productivity, because, after all, productivity brings better results. With business web and mobile apps, businesses can reshape project and task management. How to know which app is the best? The good thing about business apps is a free trial, moreover, those that offer cross-platform integration, cloud storage and basic communication and management tools are among highly rated apps.

2. Cloud computing and data centre

Cloud storage and business web and mobile apps go hand in hand. With business apps, the company increases productivity and communication on different levels, and with cloud storage (although cloud services also offer tools for productivity and collaboration), the company has fast and easy access to the documents, an ability to back up an important data, and a scalable low-cost solution (mostly). The convenient part is that most of those services (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, JustCloud, and many more) offer free trials. Professional cloud-based services and data centres, such as Macquarie Telecom Data Centre, use the latest encryption standards and digital security measures to protect customer’s data and information. More protection of your confidential information comes with data centre, and with increasing security patches, protecting your data is a priority.

3. Accounting software

Managing your business’s financial transactions with accounting software saves time, and, well, money. As always, accounting software products differ, thus, some services and products offer simple bookkeeping, while others manage the entire financial comings and goings, following cash flows, processing documents, and generating reports.

The great advantage of the accounting software solutions is the accuracy of data and records, the speed of processing information, and support in areas such as payroll and tax deduction. The choices seem limitless; however, selecting the right software package represents a difference between harming the business and keeping the finances under control. When choosing accounting software, the most important factors are capability, expandability, compatibility and cost. The accounting software products offer great insights into how the firm is performing, and what changes one should consider.

4. E-commerce optimization

With the mobile usage expansion, mobile shopping is on the rise, as expected. According to Australian Communication and Media Authority research, consumers in Australia are now more inclined to buy products from their mobile devices. Since December, more than 3.4 million people have used mobile payment platforms, according to the report. Moreover, according to the Ayden Global Mobile Payment Index, more than one-fifth of worldwide payment transactions occur on a mobile device.

For businesses, this is a good opportunity to increase revenue and reach out to a wider consumer base. Optimizing your business website for mobile devices will make sure customers can complete purchases, or contact staff or support service. To boost online sales, businesses should think more about the users’ experience, by recommending related products, providing fast and easy interface, offering other promotions and rewards. While consumers are becoming more comfortable with online shopping, security and safety are part of that comfort, which, in turn, becomes crucial part of the business as well.

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