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We’re into the season of reviewing how to best showcase our businesses in preparation for the year ahead. How do you make sure your business is noticed and remembered?

Names are easily forgotten but a professional brochure or flyer can help you stay in front of potential customers without being too pushy in person.

How we can help

Our in-house copywriters and designers work together to create the professional marketing collateral you want, for a price you’ll love. Ask us about banners, brochures, business cards and more!

Using our in-house team means you:

  • Only have to deal with one person (making it hassle-free)
  • Get a more cost-effective price (with less to-ing and fro-ing)
  • Use your new collateral more quickly

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A professional leave behind

“Thank you Kirsty for the wonderful job you did assisting me with a brand-new brochure and event banner. It was so great working with you as you were able to guide me along the way in an area that is certainly not in my comfort zone. That is why I came to the professionals! 

I will be debuting my new brochure and banner at a large medical conference this week and am sure that they will have a great impact on my ability to get my business name out there and pick up lots of new business.”
Sue de Jonge, Gold Coast Medical Typing

Let your collateral do the talking!

P.S. If you’d like to learn of more clever ways a VA can help, check out 60 Ways a VA (and Team) Can Support You and Your Business.

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