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Too busy to send email newsletters? Let us help you bring in more business.

Are you making the most of your email database? Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to market to your customers, and it can be as simple as sending a monthly newsletter.

If the idea of finding time to create a regular newsletter makes you grimace, we can help.

Staying top of mind

Michelle from One2One Resumes was struggling to create and send her newsletter each month. We suggested splitting her newsletter into two easy to read (and create) emails and repurpose the content she was already creating.

Her regular newsletter was restructured to share excerpts from her blog posts, with links to read more. Then we created a template for a second midmonth email campaign that shared an educational Q&A series.

Michelle’s informative and interesting emails kept One2One Resumes in front of her customers without being pushy.

Leading all the way to sales

“Kirsty has been looking after my newsletter/e-mail campaigns for over two years now. She implemented the design and layout, as well as advised on content and strategies. These campaigns never fail to deliver…. I average three new orders from every send. Apart from referrals, it is an extremely cost-effective form of advertising, and with Kirsty taking care of everything, it is a valuable sales and marketing tool.”
– Michelle Lopez, One2One Resumes

Make sure you’re making the most of your email database. Ask me about formatting your newsletter content and creating email campaigns that bring in business!

Our VAs’ work is not only high-quality, it’s cost effective. Compare the value—dollar for dollar.

P.S. If you’d like to learn of more clever ways a VA can help, check out 60 Ways a VA (and Team) Can Support You and Your Business.

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