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Telemarketing is an incredibly effective method of generating leads for your business.

In fact, it’s possibly one of the most effective methods. Why? Having a real conversation is a great way to start nurturing profitable relationships—when it’s done well.

If the idea of telemarketing makes you grimace, fear not. The team at Interim Business Solutions executes successful telemarketing campaigns for companies such as Receipt Bank, and they can help you with yours.

Turning cold leads into warm leads

Receipt Bank is the number one Xero ad-on. We regularly assist with national mailouts to their Australian lead database, telemarketing campaigns and direct marketing campaigns.

In the current telemarketing campaign, five Interim Business Solutions team members are calling cold leads with the aim of booking a product demo. After 12 weeks, cold lead signups average 5%, compared to the industry average of 2–3%. Other campaign conversions of warm leads to demos has been ranging from 45% to 64%, which is hugely successful!

Receipt Bank says,

Kirsty manages her team with a meticulous eye on detail, and she is extremely organised. The nature of our business means that we have regular changes to the briefs given, and she manages these with great care. Her team were very well coached in using the admin software we required, despite not having used it before. We really appreciate the flexible support that Interim Business Solutions has been able to provide to Receipt Bank”.
– Teresa Hecquet, Marketing Co-Ordinator, Receipt Bank

If you have a database of potential customers but don’t have the time to sit down and call them, book our telemarketing team!

If you have any questions about how telemarketing can work for your business, just drop us a line and ask us.

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