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As you know, I’ve been running my business for many, many years now offering business support. And during this time, we’ve helped a variety of clients. One thing that I’ve seen as ‘normal’ for most businesses is having some quiet times, and then other times you feel like you’re drowning.

I set my business up to provide regular daily, weekly or monthly support for our clients. Others call on us just for ad hoc support when they need us. There are some services you’d only need occasionally, and we’re fine with that!

Take our client Patrice Higgins for example. Patrice is the owner and principal consultant of Patrice Higgins & Associates, a boutique research, learning and management consultancy firm. Since 2013, we’ve helped Patrice with the formatting of reports and internal documents, as and when they’re needed.

Recently we were delighted when Patrice asked us to convert her logo into various logo-type files. Would you believe the only version she had was embedded in a Word document? She had never been given access to the actual image file.

Not only did we convert her logo, but we provided her with a basic style guide so, in future, she’d know what her brand colours and fonts are.

She then asked if we could create an editable diagram (once again from a PDF she couldn’t access) that she could update and insert into an evaluation report. Using PowerPoint (as we knew Patrice had this program), we supplied instructions on how she can now do a simple ‘Save As’ to save it as a PNG file and insert the diagram into her report.

Here’s what Patrice says about her experience

 As a small business owner, I am so grateful to have found Kirsty Wilson and her team. They have been critical in helping me build my business over a number of years. Kirsty and her colleagues consistently demonstrate a high level of efficiency in completing all our requests together with friendly and professional service.  No job is too small. For a busy person it is wonderful to be able to turn to Kirsty and her team when extra support is needed.”
– Patrice Higgins, Patrice Higgins & Associates 

If you need some ad hoc business support, our team is happy to help  

There are lots of little business tasks that you’d only need the occasional help with – like Patrice and her reports. When you find these little tasks, rather than trying to fit them into your schedule, chat to us about how we can help you.

Just give us a call on 1300 377 427 or drop an inquiry via our Contact page.

P.S. Check out 60 Ways a VA (and team) Can Support You and Your Business.

P.S.S. And remember this little line…

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional,
wait until you work out what it costs to do it yourself!

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