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We work with a variety of business owners. Most are consultants going it alone and others are owners of small businesses in a variety of industries including, accounting practices, focus group facilitators, steel fabricators, mortgage brokers, bookkeepers, jewellers, marketing agencies, printers and geotechnicians to name a few.

Whatever they do, they have discovered the world of engaging a virtual assistant, generally because they are too busy to do it themselves, and their business structure does not have a highly skilled administration person within their business. A reminder that ‘outsourcing’ does not mean off-shoring. There are many highly skilled Australian virtual assistants.

Here we outline the types of clients we love to work with. We could be a great fit if this sounds like you!

• You are a busy, successful consultant or small business owner
• You want to partner with someone you can trust and rely on
• You are a strong communicator
• You are organised and internet/tech-savvy
• You are gracious and see us as a partner in your business
• You are open to new ideas and would value our skills and experience

Here are some situations in which we are especially well-equipped to assist you! Does one or more of these describe you?

• You are a consultant and need assistance with your business administration
• You are a small business owner and have discovered the value of social media but just don’t have the time to do it all yourself
• You are an entrepreneur who is too bogged down in administration to actually work on developing your own business
• You are a successful working mum wanting to find more balance between career and family

Engaging a Virtual Assistant may not be right for you if:

• You have a tough time delegating work
• You like to micromanage and need to be the ‘boss’
• You aren’t open to new ideas or ways of doing business
• You don’t consider yourself internet/tech-savvy
• You can’t shift to seeing a Virtual Assistant as a partner in your business
• You aren’t billing your own time at a higher rate than ours!

When we are not the right fit

On receiving an inquiry we interview potential clients thoroughly and encourage the potential client to also ask questions. This allows for us both to get a feel for each other and decide if we would like to commence a ‘virtual’ working relationship.

During this process, if it seems like working with a Virtual Assistant seems like a good fit for you, but we don’t ‘click’ or your requirements are beyond our current capacity, we are happy to refer you to another Virtual Assistant within our network who might be a better fit and/or have the capacity.

There will always be some business owners who won’t benefit from what a Virtual Assistant can offer and that’s okay, as it’s not going to be for everyone.

If you would like to learn more about our virtual services, visit our Services Page or drop us an email with your query. You can expect a prompt response!

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