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Your energy bills are too high. That’s not good business. To reflect progress on next month’s bills, consider the following steps to lower energy needs and costs. 


Dated monitors and desktop models drain energy. Convert to laptops that use fewer resources. Replace dated monitors with newer, LCD models, energy efficient with crisp images. Better graphics allow for smaller screens that require less energy.

Address computer inactivity by turning them off when not in use and unplugging machines at the end of the day. 


Educate employees about wasteful habits, like leaving lights on after exiting a room and using bulbs during daylight hours. Make it a community effort to rely on electricity less and avoid wasteful habits.

Use energy-efficient bulbs in bathrooms and hallway areas, places that experience less traffic. Invest in timers and movement control systems to avoid unnecessary use of light. Hang “Please turn off” signs above switches in cubicles, bathrooms, and community areas. 

Major Changes

Survey the outer landscape, noticing trees, shrubbery, and objects obstructing incoming light. Trimming trees adds sunlight, making workers less dependent on electric. Infinite Energy has a range of electricity plans for business.

Take notice of major appliances like refrigerators, fax machines, and copiers. Set machines to ‘power save’ mode.  Invest in newer, energy-efficient models, which may lead to tax breaks or manufacturer rebates.


Humid and hot seasons cause reason to crank-up in-house cooling systems. Rather than drain resources and the business’ money, invest in curtains, move desks to shady areas of the office, and alter business hours (allowing employees to work from home).

Install ceiling fans and seasonal awnings to portions of the building. Set cooling systems on high in the morning, then relying on fans and blinds the rest of the day. Like saving electricity, make ‘staying cool’ a community effort (Bring in ice cream, schedule water deliveries, and buy small desktop fans for workers.)


When athletes want to improve performance, they seek the help of coaches and special trainers. Consultants help business owners save money, observing and making suggestions for small or radical improvement.

Private and government energy consultants help owners ‘go green,’ cut costs, and receive tax breaks.


Energy-efficient windows regulate temperatures and temper heating and cooling bills. Large windows provide a number of benefits – improving worker well-being in winter, lessening the need for artificial light, and raising the real estate value of the building.


Adjusting thermostat settings significantly influences energy bills. Lock thermostats or make workers agree about settings. Often, offices set goals for sales and quality assurance purposes. So, make saving a ‘game,’ awarding helpful, energy-minded workers with cool prizes.

Extra Duty

Ask a responsible employee to enforce energy-saving methods and further educate cohorts on ways to help the business save. Reward employees for good effort and make ‘saving’ a part of the company culture.

Saving doesn’t have to be an uphill climb. Ways to save are right in front of you. Start employing the above insights at your business.

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