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Are you feeling like you’re at crossroads in either your career as an employee or within your business as a business owner? I know I am!

I’m writing this during my annual digital-detox (with pen and paper!) as all digital equipment was left behind. I’ve just finished reading the inspiring ‘Agents of Action’ published by Renee Mayne. Renee has gathered together 10 individuals who, with herself, openly retell their stories of their entrepreneurial journeys – the common thread taking ACTION!

I did enjoy this read to learn more about a number of people who are a part of my online network such as Renee, Jade, Warwick, Cheyanne, Tim plus others who were part of the production of the book such as Angela who designed the cover, Nina the editor and Sarah who wrote the foreword and most of these I have met face-to-face and are all inspirational people. Great job guys!

Some of the stories and experiences I could really relate to. In particular Renee who spoke about the need for challenges and easily getting bored once she felt she had achieved all she could when she was employed; Warwick spoke about becoming aware of what you’re good at and combining it with what you enjoy doing; Jade who describes the obstacles which keep challenging her and the action and determination she shows to overcome them; Samantha discusses all the past experiences and education which combine to form your current learnt knowledge which is invaluable to create your point of difference and Troy concludes by stating clearly, Action equal rewards!

So why do I perceive I am now at crossroads? I am in the fortunate position of turning away inquiries on a weekly basis but that’s not so easy when your business is to provide a service and your nature is to be helpful. Kirsty Wilson the virtual assistant is at full-capacity and in order to service the constant flow of inquiries, rather than turning them away, Action is required. It’s time to further build Interim Business Solutions the multi-VA business. I do already have a team in place to assist with over-flow and specialised projects but it’s time to build a more permanent team, especially to service those ongoing, general VA opportunities which are the one’s currently being turned away.

My 2011 Plan For Action (I’m getting this out there so I am accountable!)

  • Source an industry mentor.
  • Continue to grow the team with various skills, and
  • Review current IT situation to move further to cloud computing which will assist growth and allow someone else to manage the business, so I am able to take leave without having to shut the doors!

So, thank you Renee and all the contributors. You have inspired me to take Action. I highly recommend ‘Agents of Action‘ if you’re after some inspiration to take action because you’re at crossroads as I am, have an idea or not enjoying what you’re currently doing. The action you take could result in significant changes in the direction of your life.

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