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1.   Cost saving

We all like to save a dollar or two where we can. If you’re a business owner, I’m sure you pay lots of attention to how you invest your hard earned money, (I know I do!) – particularly when it comes to hiring the necessary support. When you factor in standard employee expenses such as super, tax, annual leave, and sickies – costs can go through the roof.

Well, you’ll be pleased to learn when hiring a Virtual Assistant, you’ll probably end up saving more than you spend. Think of all the extra money and time you would have to put back into your business; as well as alleviating all the common stresses associated with having a full-time employee. Now, that’s what I call a smart business move.

2.   Flexible and versatile

One of the huge benefits of building a relationship with a Virtual Assistant is the flexibility of using one on an ‘as need basis’. For those who are familiar with how a VA works, you might already know that I don’t work to a standard 9-5 template – (Definitely a huge perk-most of the time).

This means, on any given day, I could be doing a variety of different things like, ‘on the spot’ requests such as client’s pre-sale administration, creating projects from templates, creating a Facebook page, transcribing or creating an e-newsletter from scratch. Versatility is certainly a big part of the job.  When you make the decision to work with a VA, it gives business owners the true freedom to prioritise on tasks that will generate money for them, rather than wasting time on menial tasks that don’t impact the bottom line.

3.   On-going support

There’s not much a Virtual Assistant can’t do. (Ok, with the exception of a few things.) An interesting thing I’ve noticed over the years is the strong need for business owners to control the smallest of tasks. I’m not suggesting it’s right or wrong- but it’s certainly a wise business strategy to get comfortable with the idea of outsourcing. In fact, wouldn’t you rather be focusing on generating income for your business rather than doing the ‘little’ things that other’s could be doing for you?

I can provide on-going support for all sorts of things including – researching upcoming industry events, revamping your existing systems, planning your next social media campaign and even arranging your next business trip. The sky really is the limit. And the bonus is, you get to decide on how much support you need. A half hour a day? A few hours a week? Two days a month? The choice is yours!

4.   Access to a variety of different technologies

I’m amazed at how much I learn on a daily basis. Sometimes, there’s nothing like keeping your brain stimulated and ticking at high speed. It’s not uncommon for a Virtual Assistant to be well versed and aware of current trends – particularly when it comes to working with new technology. As a business owner, having this resource at your disposal is invaluable. Not only does a VA bring years of business knowledge and expertise to the table, you get the added benefit of having your own personal tech advisor and mentor. And if we can’t assist, there’s a good chance we know someone who can.

5.   Professional and business minded

A VA is well equipped to support you across a variety of different areas within your organisation.  Having been a capable business owner for almost 10 years, I have no problem understanding the common issues facing businesses on a daily basis.

Apart from the fact that we very rarely have to re-do things, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with a reliable and like-minded professional. For example, I can act as a great sounding board for your ideas, help you implement efficient administrative systems, provide on-going social media and marketing support; as well as offer sound business advice – (that’s providing you need it, of course!) Whatever support you need, the team and myself are always there to help.

If you would like to learn more about how a Virtual Assistant can make a positive difference to your overall business strategy, either click here to send us an enquiry or download our ’60 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Support You And Your Business.

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