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Ever feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to complete all of your work-related goals and tasks? You’re not alone. Many individuals fall victim to time constraints and poor planning, which can lead to unresolved work issues and incomplete tasks. With just a few small changes, you too, can become a planning expert and learn how to make the most out of your work day with help from a Virtual Assistant.

1. Create a schedule and stick to It

Often times, individuals dive into their work as soon as they get to the office. After checking e-mails, listening to voicemails, and greeting other employees, the morning is halfway over with few tasks being accomplished. Create a schedule that works for you. If you need extra time to respond to e-mails, schedule it in and stick to it.

2. Keep a record of daily activities

Not only will keeping track of daily activities help in the event that a server goes down or you miss writing down an important task, but it allows your VA to understand how to structure your schedule. By reviewing daily activities and ranking them based upon their level of importance, it is easier for a VA to see how to prioritise your schedule and tweak it accordingly.

3. Organise your space

By eliminating extra time that it may take to find your files in a messy cabinet or cipher through important e-mails, take time to organise your office space. Seeking help from a VA in creating files for similar tasks, eliminating items you no longer need and organizing desk space can help reduce stress and allow for ultimate productivity. Not only will this process save time, but it can reduce the potential for mistakes and overlooking importance information.

4. Embrace flexibility

No matter how organised one may be, unplanned tasks and meetings always occur. These unexpected events inadvertently plant themselves into your schedule, interrupting progress. By remaining flexible, it is feasible to still complete important tasks when unplanned events arise. Perhaps taking time out of a scheduled break or re-prioritizing can help when improvisation is necessary.

All of the aforementioned tasks can be accomplished and managed with help from a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is an individual who aides in scheduling and routine task management while not actually being present at a place of employment. While hiring additional help can be time consuming and monetarily straining, the benefits of hiring an additional person to manage time can be rewarding.

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