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0433 766 746

I am totally tooting my own trumpet today but I have something really exciting to share with you!

Interim Business Solutions has reached another milestone – 202 Twitter inquiries! I was going to share this with you at the 200 mark but another 2 jumped in so quickly and I wanted to acknowledge them too. Thanks to all of you who have helped me reach this amazing milestone in my business.

Twitter has not only generated these 202 leads for me, but many have also converted into clients. As we all know, this is the crucial part for business success. This graph clearly shows you how Twitter has been my major source of work over all the other avenues, including paid advertising.

200 Twitter Inquiries. Twitter as a Lead Generator.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Buffer
  • LinkedIn

It just goes to show how well Twitter can work if you engage with your network. And by engage, I mean not just broadcasting, but listening and connecting with others. Many of my Twitter peers have become ‘real life’ peers by attending the Tweastie catch ups on a regular basis. This is a great excuse to get out of the office and have a laugh with some lovely people.

If you haven’t yet connected with me ‘socially’, I invite you to join me today on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn or Google+.

And remember, if you need a hand with your social media accounts, feel free to give me a call.

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