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Not sure what a Virtual Assistant can do for you to increase your business productivity? If you’re in business and starting to feel overwhelmed with your daily workload, then hiring a Virtual Assistant could be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Check out the following ways a Virtual Assistant can get the ball rolling for you.

 1. Administration support

Staying on top of all your admin tasks can be daunting at times. If your work is piling up and becoming too hard to manage, turning to a VA could ease some of that pain.  Why waste time doing the tedious stuff in the office, when your time could be better spent driving your business forward and making money. Leave the typing, formatting and general office stuff to the professionals. Simple really.

2. Database management

If you don’t have proper processes in place to manage your customers, you could run into a bit of trouble later down the track. For example: One of my clients, a busy executive coach, doesn’t have time to enter the dozens of business cards she receives each week. Keeping on top of this stuff might seem menial at the time, but it could cost you money (in terms of time) -in months and years to come.

3. Introduce you to a variety of new business tools

Learning and embracing new technology is often a big part of our business. As your personal VA, we can easily streamline the way you do things – creating powerful processes with tools such as: Dropbox, MailChimp, CapsuleCRM, Asana and Wunderlist. While you’re busy boosting business revenue, we’re working behind the scenes to make it look easy.

4. Social media support

Social Media is big business these days. Without a basic understanding of how it all works, you could be missing out on loads of exposure and the chance to build credible industry networks. One of my clients, a busy copywriter, hires me to assist with her social media activities. For example: I’ll take an existing blog post and turn that one article into Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, LinkedIn updates, Slideshare slides and then I’ll schedule them. All it takes is one idea and you’re on a roll.

5. Marketing support

Over the years, we’ve helped multiple business owners promote their product/service via workshops and business events. In my experience, I’ve noticed that marketing doesn’t come easily to the majority of businesses; but it doesn’t have to be hard work. If you have a few strategies in place, it’s a great way to get your name out there and build strong brand awareness.

6. Transcription services

Transcribing can be quite a laborious task for the average business owner. But, seriously, don’t stress if you can’t find the time to do it. We can transcribe a variety of digital file types from podcasts, one-on-one interviews and focus groups. Easy peasy!

7. Create & manage your e-mail marketing campaigns

If you’re keen on building a successful online presence, you can’t ignore the importance of doing regular newsletter and email campaigns. I’ve helped many business professionals in this area, particularly with template creation, importing contacts into the MailChimp system and providing daily/weekly/monthly on-going support.

8. Business research

Never underestimate the power of what good research can do for your business. Whether you need comprehensive research done for a business plan, simple ideas for a blog or finding a graphic designer – a VA can do it! Phew, what a relief that is!

9. Upload blog posts to your website

Transferring documents across various online platforms can be a little confusing to some, but it doesn’t have to be. I can upload regular blogs to your site to ensure your brand always remains relevant and up-to-date.

10. HR support

Don’t have time to find the right staff? No problem. We’ll help you write effective job advertisements, position descriptions as well as offer tonnes of helpful advice. And, the bonus is, you don’t have to employ me!

If you would like further information on how a VA can help streamline your daily workflow, follow the link below to view our PDF article on:

60 Ways a VA Can Support Your Business 

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